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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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(CFDA No. 84.002)


Legislation:    Adult Education Act, P.L. 91-230, as amended  (20 U.S.C. 1201)
(Expired September 30,  1984)*

Funding Since 1980:

Year                           Authorization                        Appropriation

1980              $230,000,000                              $100,000,000 I/

1981                250,000,000                                100,000,000

1982               100,000,000                                 86,400,000

1983               100,000,000                                  95,000,000

1984               100,000,000                                100,000,000

Purpose: To expand educational opportunities for adults and to encourage
the establishment of programs of adult education that will enable educa-
tionally disadvantaged adults to acquire basic skills necessary to func-
tion in society, to complete secondary school, and to profit from employ-
ment-related training.

Eligibility and Formula: States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto
Rico are allotted funds based on the proportion of their adult population
who lack a secondary school certificate and are not required to be in such
schools, plus $150,000. Insular areas are allotted one percent or less
of the appropriated funds. The States and insular areas distribute funds
to local educational agencies (LEAs) or other non-profit organizations
based on State-run competitions.

Services Provided by Recipient Agencies: LEAs or other agencies funded
by the State provide basic skills or other services to persons 16 years
of age or older who are not high school graduates and who need additional
skills. Each State is required to match at a rate of 10 cents for every
90 cents of Federal money received. (No match is required of Guam,
American Samoa, the Virgin Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, and
the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.) Each State must use at
least ten percent of its grant for special projects and teacher training*
State grants also support programs for adults of limited English profi-
ciency and for residents of urban areas with high unemployment rates
and rural areas.

Annual financial and performance reports and the maintenance of records
for audits are required of each grant recipient.

*Jhe Adult   Education  Act,    P.L.   98-511,   authorizes   the   Adult   Educa-
tion State-Administered Program through September 30, 1987.ed